3 Month Update

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Well, looking through my draft posts here I figure it is time to post a 3 month update… at about 9 or 10 months…

You guessed it!  I have been very busy.  Here’s a summary of what I have learnt over the past 9 or 10 months.  Take into account that this has been happening whilst I run two offline businesses, work fulltime and help nurture our son, who is now 1!

What have I learnt?

  1. Focus on the big stuff – Don’t spend time tweaking the colour of a button, just get the content out there.
  2. Get stuff out and online – Faster you fail the faster you will succeed.
  3. Validate ideas before spending too much time on them
  4. Build an email list that will help you convert more interested people into customers long term
  5. Make sure that list has people that are actually interested in your product/service
  6. When running Facebook ads – use retargeting to increase engagement
  7. If you listen to podcasts, stop and take note of the key items as you will forget them!
  8. Be everywhere, once you are somewhere well.  Do each channel well before moving onto the next.
  9. Use cleverly designed opt-ins to increase conversions
  10. Have fun and be yourself.  If that comes out you will seem like a person and people will be happy to be associated with you and eventually may purchase from you.
  11. Persuade customers, don’t manipulate them.

I could elaborate on all of the things above, probably a blog post on each one, but no one reads my blog posts, (If you do read this please let me know! hello@48weeks.com You will probably be the first person to do so…)

What have I done?

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Sounded like a really simple path to revenue and helping people get the info they needed.
  2. Found niche – get domain – build site – get affiliate status with suppliers – launch site – launch on facebook
  3. Paid for Google ads – watched people click and ad spend increase – saw some conversions but not enough to overcome affiliate minimum payment thresholds…
  4. Learnt that I should spend less time refining and investigating something that was not going to work.  Backlinks for major (only competitor) were in the hundreds of thousands so I was never going to beat them to the front page of Google…
  5. Built business with my brother – great website design for weddings but nobody can find it.  Again, focused on getting the product out there and “perfect”. Not on how to get it in front of the right audience.
  6. Pricing structure and automation of product seem to be the key.
  7. Dealing with customers challenging when they don’t send the correct details.
  8. Determined that the businesses I’d been sidelining and was expert in were probably the best way forward, with a slight change of tact.  Now focussing on mailing lists, opt-in lead magnets, ebooks and courses.
  9. Networking more and hoping to give lots of info out in return for some additional consulting work.
  10. Looking at options for making online courses in my field.

That’s the bulk of what was achieved.  THE BIG NEWS is that through doing a lot more consulting towards the end of 2015 I decided that I’d back off the full time work early!  My current employer agreed to a three day work week for 2016 and I now have time on the two additional days to grow my businesses and spend time with family.

More to come and I might start to post more here and put details up of some other ideas I’d like to test.  Webinars, ebooks etc…  Watch this pace!

Don’t forget, sign up to the mailing list and once we have a bunch of people I’ll sort out some promos and you guys and girls can let me know what you want to know.  Anything I might have done that can help you would be awesome to share!

Thanks for reading…


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