Four Inspiring Entrepreneurs that will help your blog (and your life!)

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The best entrepreneurs are those that continually take action.  We often hear about them when they are far down the road to success and it may seem as though they’ve all been doing this in this way forever.

In reality though, they are human.  We all have the same potential for success.  We just need to embrace the fact that we can do it too.

Here is a list of some of the people that have taken the leap and poured their heart and soul into their businesses.  They are examples that we can all look to for inspiration as we develop our own businesses and a life beyond the normal 9 to 5.

1. Pat Flynn

Pat is an accidental entrepreneur.  He had a promising career in architecture laid out in front of him and during the last financial crisis was let go from his position.  I’m sure he’d join me in saying that this may have been a tough time, but was probably the best thing that ever happened to him.  Pat is like myself.  I can tell that family is by far his number one priority and I have a lot of respect for that.

Pat’s experiences since have involved earning passive income from a website of his (that he built for himself for exam study) which he saw had a lot of external traffic.  He monetised the site by selling a guide to passing the architecture exam he wrote if for and started seeing the money come in, without any further action required.  This is termed passive income.  Pretty “smart” hey!

Since then Pat, being the great guy he is, has been blogging about his experiences and helping others develop a passive income through his blog Smart Passive Income.  He shares amazing content for free and continues to grow his audience in this space.  He has built his brand into a profitable business whilst providing so much inspiration for his followers (including myself).

2. John Lee Dumas

John has been a bit of an overnight sensation.  Starting out as an officer in the US Army, he returned from service and dabbled in a number of career paths.  He then poured some cash and invested a huge amount of his time into the world of podcasting.  He put so much work in upfront that he is now a shining example of how to launch and grow a podcast business.  He is well known for his podcast Entrepreneur on Fire where he interviews inspiring and successful entrepreneurs, providing an insight into their mindset and giving audiences actionable advice that they can use on their own entrepreneurial journey.

John has also shown that community is what matters most, especially when you are giving away such amazing free content.  John refers to his listeners as Fire Nation, a group I am proud to feel a part of having started listening from episode 20ish on my 2+ hours of daily commute (out of now 960 episodes today – with a new podcast each day!).  He has built a community of loyal followers and now also runs Podcaster’s Paradise, a membership community where people can learn how to build a podcast and launch it for success.

3. Tim Ferriss

Well, if you’ve made it this far you’ll most probably be aware of who Tim Ferriss is.  He’s known for being an author of many best selling books, including The Four Hour Workweek, which if you haven’t read or listened to, you must do this ASAP.  I think of Tim as the ultimate human experiment.  He doesn’t care what people think, he has good and bad ideas and follows them through just to see what happens and more than that he’s found a way to connect with millions of people that he’ll never meet, like myself, and have a profound effect on their lives.  The book “The Four Hour Workweek” really made me sit back and take notice of the priorities in my life and realise that there is a better way.  I’ve been striving for that moment when I could take that leap and finally have kicked myself into action.  If I break anything whilst going down this 48 week path, please send the bill to Tim!  It’s all his fault!

After the Four Hour Workweek was released, Tim released other titles such as the Four Hour Body and Four Hour Chef, other amazing must reads.  He’s more recently filmed a TV series called The Tim Ferriss Experiment where he tries to learn some pretty demanding skills in a short amount of time.  Tim jumps in the deep end and shows us all that you will fail sometimes (and that he is only human), but sometimes you will succeed and that will blow your mind!

Even if you are not an entrepreneur or don’t have that mindset, I’d really recommend reading or listening to some of Tim’s books, or at the very least check out his TV show!

4. Adam Baker

Adam is a great example of someone who has led a normal life who decided to take action after the birth of his first child, like myself.  He was a normal guy working a normal 9 to 5 job and with his wife they decided to leave the USA and travel around Australia (my home).  They sold off lots of there stuff and tried to minimise their own debt so that they could undertake this massive working trip around Oz.  He started a blog called Man vs Debt and noted ways that they had successfully minimised their own debt which allowed them to set off on their adventure.  It turned out that Adam hit a pain point for many people and his blog became quite successful as he continued to share great actionable advice with people.

Adam and his family now live off the monetised site and enjoy the freedoms that we are all striving for.  Adam is financially free to spend time with his family and projects that he loves (such as his movie “I’m Fine, Thanks”).  Adam’s story is inspiring because without knowing it, he found a huge untapped market, something he was passionate about, and took action.  Something we all should be doing!

These are the four people that come to mind as I sit here and write this post.  I’ve written this off the cuff, unedited, so you can get a feel for why these people have all helped to get me to this point.

The journey here at 48 weeks is just beginning, so leave a comment listing some people (non-family) that have inspired you and be sure to sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with our progress!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks! – Scott

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